Lowepro Magnum 200 AW, 400 AW and 650 AW Product Tour

The Lowepro Magnum AW Series is all the pro photographer will ever want or need! Lowepro's Magnum AW shoulder bag is built on the foundation of its predecessor: the original pro bag designed in 1976 and an industry standard to this day. The next generation of Magnum AW remains an essential toolbox for the pro photographer who needs to store, protect and carry gear from one location to the next. Transport a heavily loaded Magnum AW with ease via the adjustable handcart straps that attach to handles quickly and securely. The premium molded base offers sturdy and stable protection, water-resistance and the ability to stack multiple bags safely and efficiently. Carry the bag on the shoulder with the Vertebral Tech Shoulder Strap: it spreads weight evenly—no matter which way it's worn, and provides long-lasting support and comfort. Magnum AW offers a notebook sleeve with integrated sunshade in the largest model.
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