The Marings and Profoto D1 Air Kit: Two Light Set-Up

September 12, 2011 Profoto
In this video, watch the Marings create two fabulous two light set-ups using a single D1 Air Kit.

For the first, a Magnum Reflector with a 25-Degree Honey Comb Grid is used to light the subject while the D1 Reflector lights the background giving a marvelous 3D effect.
In the second set-up, we're going for a Hamptons theme portrait. The umbrella is used to light the subject while a D1 Air is used as a rim light to highlight her shoulders and hair.

The ease of set up, break down and portability quickly makes the D1 Air Kit your most valuable assistant on set.

Læs mere om Profoto's sortiment i vores webshop HER.

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