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Fuji CashBack kampagne

620 views February 16, 2015

Læs mere om Fuji's sortiment i vores webshop HER.

Photokina 2014 DK

Zeiss Otus

948 views September 22, 2014

Vi ser nærmere på det imponerende OTUS 85mm/1,4 fra Zeiss

Photokina 2014 DK

Besøg hos Nikon

970 views September 22, 2014

Svend Erik Nørklit fra Nikon Danmark fortæller om det nye D750 kamera og den nye 20mm/1,8 optik.

Photokina 2014 DK

Canon EOS 7D Mark II og nye objektiver

1,032 views September 22, 2014

Jamil Olson fra Canon Danmark fortæller om den nye Canon EOS 7D Mark II og 3 nye objektiver.


Using the Ezybox Hotshoe and Accessories

620 views July 20, 2012

Læs mere Lastolite's sortiment i vores webshop HER.


GoPro Action camera

5,164 views October 11, 2011

GoPro’s HD is the world’s highest performance wearable 1080p HD video and still photo camera....


M9-P in Venice

655 views July 11, 2011

Magnum photographer Alex Majoli took the new Leica M9-P on a journey through Venice. Alex Majoli...

Canon D-SLR

Canon EOS 60D Find your own angle

3,335 views April 14, 2011

Find your own angle with the new EOS 60D and capture images just as you see them. Discover EOS...


Optimized High Speed Sync with PocketWizard

1,302 views April 13, 2011

Photographer Mark Wallace explains the Optimized High Speed Sync feature of the PocketWizard...


Profoto Continuous Light features

888 views March 14, 2011

ProDaylight 800 Air and ProTungsten Air are compatible with most of our popular Light Shaping...

Canon D-SLR

Canon’s XF105 and XF100 professional camcorders

4,754 views February 28, 2011

XF105 XF100 - Canon’s XF105 and XF100 professional camcorders have an impressive array of...


Sekonic Classroom, Steve Sint I

657 views December 16, 2010

Metering tips and tricks. Læs mere om Sekonic's sortiment i vores webshop HER.