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Behind The Scenes Mitre Shoot

660 views May 23, 2013

Bowens aficionado and award-winning photographer, Chris Reeve, shoots a commission for top sports...


Hough To On Reflection - working with natural...

794 views May 23, 2013

Keeping things simple when you're on location is always a good way to get the most out of your...


Wayne Johns Creo Campaign - Packs A Punch

675 views May 23, 2013

Top fashion and advertising shooter Wayne Johns shoots a series of promotional images for Bowens...

Goecker Videoer

Portræt studie.mov

1,408 views January 17, 2013

Introduktion til et lave et lille enkelt portræt. Der gennemgåes opsætning af flashanlæg og de...