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Vienna in real 4K Video filmed with Canon Cinema EOS 1DC

There has been a lot of discussion online about whether the 1DC is simply a firmware-tweaked 1DX or not. No matter what, it is a camera that delivers remarkable videos image - not only remarkable for DSLRs, remarkable for any camera these days. Having a quite amazing 4K camera at this size, without fan (! ... try to compare that to a Red Epic or Canon C500) is quite something ... basically 4K whereever you go, and all of that with internal recording. Amazing. Yes, it's 8 bit, but it's good enough for 90% of what most people are shooting anyway.

Nevertheless, there are shortcomings in the video mode that should have been addressed. There's no peaking or zebras, two things I come to expect from something that is marketed to video shooters. The punch-in zoom function only works when not recording (yes, still the same), but at least you can move it around unlike on the C100/C300/C500, and it looks like it's pixel-per-pixel. Without that mode I would have been completely lost focusing wise.

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